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Subject: Independent Contractor Agreement

 I will not be on your payroll, and you will not have to deduct taxes, make EI or CPP contributions on my behalf, or provide me with statutory holiday pay. You will not follow the ESA, Employee Standards Act, as the terms of our relationship are not governed by an employee contract or collective agreement or the definition of “employee” (ESA s.1). You can end this contract for my services but cannot discipline me or expect me to take on more direction for your organization.

 As an independent contractor I am not required to follow your instruction, training, or supervision requirements, but will work in partnership with you. I am free to set my own hours so long as the tasks are completed by the deadlines. I am using my own premise, office space, desk, telephone, computer(s), and software. I have my own business, expenses, I can subcontract, complete tasks for many payors, and I serve the public.

I am responsible for satisfactorily completing the specific job(s). Amount of payment is negotiated with you, and the intention of this announcement is to enter into an independent contractor agreement with you.

Thank you for your business.


Melissa Vantour
Owner, HR Practitioner & Administrative Professional
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